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Suitability report drafting for IFAs

Suitability reports are more important than ever, in our increasingly litigious society.

Do you feel that your time would be better focused on your clients - after all, most clients don't even want to read the suitability reports!

Outsource your suitability reports and free yourself to improve your productivity and improve your profitability.

I am sure that the money spent on employing my services will come back to your many times over, and you'll feel much better not having to write the reports!

If you would like further information, please contact me.

Anthony Heather is an IFA with compliance experience, so can create suitability reports which both meet compliance requirements and are drafted in a client friendly style

What service is being offered?

  • We can work from a fact find &/or client information, whether in the form of notes, or previous letters and reports.
  • Investment reports
  • Inheritance tax mitigation reports
  • Pension transfer/switching reports, including provision of pension profiler compliance documentation
  • Pension transfer reports
  • Pension retirement options reports, including pension fund withdrawal

Why use AJH Paraplanning

If you are not completing all your suitability letters, you are leaving yourself open to future problems.

Our increasingly litigious society, coupled with the "nothing to lose" complaints process means the suitability letter and compliance documentation has never been more important. Control your "complaints risk" by improving your suitability letters.

Cost effectiveness

Delegating drafting of suitability reports will free up your time. Our fees are very likely to be more than offset by the fees/income you can generate with the time saved. AJH Paraplanning can work on either a fixed cost or hourly charging basis.

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